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Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 4
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 5
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 6
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Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 9

Kona is a modern and clean Premium WooCommerce Theme with a focus on a smooth and great user experience. It provides some unique tools and features which will make your eCommerce website stand out from the crowd.

Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 10
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 11
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 12
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 13
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 14
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 15
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 16
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 17
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 18
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 19
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 20

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Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 21
Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme - 22
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Key Features

  • WordPress 5.0+ ready
  • WooCommerce 3.5+ ready
  • Lookbook Option
  • Wishlist
  • Live Ajax Search
  • Live Filter
  • Product Variation Swatches
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Product Video
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Retina ready
  • Different Menu layouts
  • Responsive
  • Video Support (youtube,vimeo + html5)
  • Revolution Slider (included)
  • Shop Classic pagination, Load More or Infinity Load
  • Intuitive & Easy-to-use Page Builder
  • Social Media integration
  • Video Tutorials
  • Optimized for Contact Form 7
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Smooth Animations
  • Parallax Background
  • Video Background
  • Great Performance (98% PagSpeed on GtMetrix)
  • Modern & Clean Layout
  • Font Manager
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Well organised css
  • Icon Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Typekit Fonts
  • Custom Fonts
  • Easy-To-Use Admin Interface
  • Tons of Options and Features
  • Lighbox included
  • Cross Browser optimation
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Google map
  • Clean Code
  • Premium Support

Images / Video Credits

* some of the Images/Videos are not included in the download (demo import)

Font: The font used in the demo live preview is “Proxima Nova” and is not included into the download (demo import)


Version 2.9.3

* OPT: new size guide
* UPD: woocommerce templates
* UPD: revolution slider
* FIX: Apple pay issue on single product (related posts)

Version 2.9.2

UPD: woocommerce templates

Version 2.9.1

* FIX: variation issue on loaded more products (script.js)
* FIX: add to cart button for out of stock grouped products
* FIX: swatches appearance
* FIX: currency on product load more
* OPT: select synchronize with fixed add to cart
* UPD: revolution slider update

Version 2.9

* FIX: replace lightcase with fancy box
* FIX: synchronize fixed add to cart
* FIX: variation image switch
* FIX: pagebuilder
* FIX: wishlist position for new TI Wishlist version
* UPD: revolution slider
* UPD: woocommerce templates
* OPT: fixed add to cart take html

Version 2.8.5

* FIX: stock manage for variations
* FIX: load more for lot of pages
* FIX: Variation switch if names are similar
* UPD: Woocommerce template update

Version 2.8.1

* OPT: youtube-nocookie
* OPT: language file
* FIX: Blog display
* FIX: Custom Wishlist icon
* UPD: Woocommerce templates
* UPD: ajax filter plugin
* UPD: WordPress 5.5 compatible
* UPD: revolution slider update

Version 2.8

* NEW: disable shop ajax features
* NEW: footer bg option
* OPT: shipping calculator
* OPT: order widget attributes (button) by custom order
* OPT: show main prod image if no 
* OPT: protected page appearance
* FIX: add to cart if all variations on grid
* UPD: Woocommerce templates

Version 2.7.1

* FIX: Cart Empty message on ajax empty cart
* FIX: translate header bar texts (wpml-config)
* FIX: Load more (general-features)
* FIX: my account table appearance
* UPD: WordPress 5.4 compatible
* UPD: Woocommerce templates

Version 2.7

* FIX: show footer if widgets are empty    
* FIX: kona core plugin text domain issue    
* FIX: PHP 7.3+ compatible    
* FIX: disable include of lightcase fonts    
* FIX: disable lazy for main shop grid
* FIX: take default modern layout for previously created products
* FIX: count error message on product grid
* FIX: shadow for white variation color
* UPD: woocommerce templates
* UPD: revolution slider

Version 2.6.2

* FIX: Cookie Notice hide (css)
* UPD: woocomerce templates
* UPD: revolution slider

Version 2.6.1

* FIX: megamenu
* OPT: page template compatible for elmentor

Version 2.6

* FIX: remove sale badge for single 
* FIX: menu 2nd submenu 
* UPD: woocomerce templates
* UPD: revolution slider

Version 2.5

* OPT: thumb hover stays when hovering whole shop item
* OPT: add param to url on login page
* OPT: disable share for quick view
* OPT: sub menu disabled when leaving it
* FIX: tooltip for image swatches
* FIX: cart on mobile open menu
* FIX: count + load more issue when 'select by product'
* FIX: empty woo messages when adding to cart
* FIX: currency on ajax calls (cart, search,quickview)
* FIX: work without woo plugins
* UPD: removed instagram theme widget
* UPD: swatches plugin 
* UPD: revolution slider update

Version 2.4.21

* FIX: js error

Version 2.4.2

* FIX: pagebuilder edit column content and then columns section
* FIX: display label for shipping state
* FIX: form display for checkout
* UPD: wooCommerce templates

Version 2.4.1

* FIX: localisation form-login template (closing php tag)
* FIX: amazon pay login on checkout
* FIX: pinterest share link
* FIX: google share link
* FIX: default cart icon on header light
* UPD: revolution slider 6+ update

Version 2.4

* OPT: hide header bar when search is open
* FIX: p tag issue on pagebuilder (kona-core)
* FIX: header search > load more (kona-core)
* FIX: password reset button click
* FIX: header bar hide if no text content
* FIX: checkout layout if only one shipping country
* FIX: double 'optional' on checkout

Version 2.3.5

* OPT: enable order notes field
* OPT: start animation global (strip individual setting)
* FIX: video bg lightcase for self hosted videos
* FIX: up sells appearance (take same rules than related posts)
* FIX: internet explorer issue (vh workaround adapted)
* FIX: Flickity carousel height issue on load

Version 2.3.1

* FIX: groupcells for shop carousel (kona-core)
* FIX: hide right header bar on mobiles

Version 2.3

* NEW: added search by tag for ajax theme search action
* NEW: svg logo option (svg support plugin needed)
* FIX: my account order details
* FIX: align mini cart icon
* FIX: header bar z-index
* FIX: Search input size
* FIX: product appearance on mobile if arrow gallery
* OPT: ALT text for product images
* OPT: WooCommerce templates update

Version 2.2

* FIX: hide select on grid variation
* FIX: center header bar if no left and right
* FIX: variation on load more 
* FIX: multiple load more grids on same page 
* FIX: cart delete for products marked as sold individually 
* FIX: center login icon on big logo
* FIX: hero,body,menu top margin on big logo
* FIX: submenu position on big logos
* OPT: pagebuilder hover index

Version 2.1

* NEW: choose variations on grid by attribute
* FIX: hide wpml on header when it's in top bar (style.css)
* FIX: Mobile images padding when top header bar (custom styling)
* FIX: init lazy load after load more (script.js)
* FIX: category display on shop catalogue page 
* FIX: out of stock message
* FIX: display variation image on grid (woo.js)

Version 2.0

* NEW: header top bar
* NEW: My Account / Login Icon option
* NEW: Quick View
* FIX: checkout button on mobile devices (100vh for mobiles workaround)
* FIX: gallery main switch image
* FIX: empty cart notice to language pot file
* FIX: disable zoom for mobiles
* FIX: variations on carousel
* FIX: html tag error for gallery
* FIX: Badges position when no gallery on single
* OPT: always display view cart if cart has items
* OPT: thumb hover stay when product media hover
* OPT: workaround for logos coming from a different location
* OPT: optimized for google mobile test
* UPD: Woo template update (3.5.5)
* UPD: revolution slider

Version 1.7.61

* FIX: gallery height adapt disable on mobiles

Version 1.7.6

* FIX: zoom for single image gallery
* FIX: badges for single image gallery
* FIX: gallery height adapt if different heights
* OPT: display 2nd address field (css)
* OPT: take default price output and switch sale via css

Version 1.7.5

* NEW: mobile column option
* NEW: enable/disable rating stars on products
* NEW: added sku for search
* FIX: bug for old edge browser
* FIX: product variation image show
* FIX: variation on search
* FIX: "create account" + "login" translatable 
* UPD: woocommerce files

Version 1.7

* NEW: Price font size choice for single products
* OPT: show hover image if no variation images
* FIX: font family for post navigation
* FIX: Wishlist icon align (top margin via custom style)
* FIX: Wishlist icon jump to transition
* FIX: Show main variation image if enabled in theme options

Version 1.6.51

* FIX: thumbs on mobile
* FIX: gallery thumb on special variation

Version 1.6.5

* NEW: zoom options for product gallery (only classic layout)
* NEW: price range option for variable products
* FIX: product gallery when multiple variations
* FIX: Upsells display
* FIX: fixed add to cart on smaller screens
* OPT: display main product gallery if no variation gallery is set
* OPT: loco translate compatible
* OPT: optimize some css (add to cart font size)
* OPT: hide scrollbar for product-nav (gallery thumbs)

Version 1.6

* NEW: Fixed add to cart button
* NEW: Sidebar for blog page/posts
* NEW: WeChat social icon
* NEW: Newsletter Sign-Up
* FIX: Hide quantity if stock is set to single add
* FIX: img hover on grid
* FIX: add lazy init after ajax filter 
* FIX: Share word translatable

Version 1.5

* NEW: Image option for variation
* NEW: variation swatches on archive/shop page
* OPT: sale price for variable products
* OPT: product-hero top spacing on mobile (custom styling)
* OPT: reinitialize isotope after ajax filter (kona-core ajax callback)
* FIX: theme options save

Version 1.4

* NEW: percentage option for sale badge
* NEW: NEW badge
* NEW: HOT badge
* NEW: back to top button
* FIX: mega-menu on different breakpoint (js)
* FIX: responsive menu when sticky
* FIX: gallery on variable product with no variable image/gallery
* FIX: bank details for thank you page
* FIX: js error on flickity sliders
* UPDATE: WordPress 5.0 compatible

Version 1.3.5

* NEW: choose add to cart button appearance
* NEW: choose mini cart icon
* NEW: add main product image to gallery
* NEW: mobile breakpoint option on theme options
* FIX: add to cart message on product and archive page
* FIX: product gallery backend
* FIX: polylang error message
* OPT: stripe

Version 1.3

* NEW: WPML compatible
* NEW: Currency switcher (wpml)
* NEW: Autoplay for slider
* NEW: Portfolio Demo
* OPTIMIZED: remove items on cart for mobile
* FIX: Megamenu
* FIX: Single title Size for products
* FIX: Lookbook error if product does not exist
* FIX: External Product Link
* FIX: Pagebuilder Slider Element
* FIX: Tab shortcode frontend appearance
* FIX: page title on shop archive (brands, ...)
* FIX: variable images display (product-image.php)

Version 1.2

* NEW: Size Guide
* FIX: Logo custom height for mobile
* FIX: change price for variable products
* FIX: Megamenu position when menu right
* FIX: Wishlist position on scrolled sticky header
* FIX: Pagebuilder Import Issue
* FIX: Improved import process

Version 1.1

* NEW: Portfolio
* NEW: cta option
* NEW: visual composer compatible
* FIX: Pagebuilder lookbook bug
* FIX: My Account page responsive
* FIX: Megamenu position when menu centered

Version 1.0

* Release


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