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Version 2.1.3 is out! (29 January 2022) Click here to view the changes.



Ammi is a minimal, clean and easy to use personal blog WordPress theme with great attention to details. This theme supports 10 post formats: Standard, Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Aside, Link, Quote, Status, and Chat. In addition, Ammi has two different layouts (layout with right or left sidebar), two positions for menus (menu in the left or right sidebar and in the footer), hidden sidebar for 22 different widgets, beautiful section for introductory text, and a large number of options for customizing your website (Font Size & Style, Font Family, Colors, Background Image, Logo, Show/Hide Most Elements, Additional CSS, etc).

The theme is fully responsive and it will look great on any mobile device, be it a 17’ laptop screen or an iPad, iPhone. Use it to make something cool! ;)

Feature List

  • The theme is compatible with WordPress 6.1.x. Note: In WordPress 5.x/6.x you need to use the Classic Editor. For WordPress 5.8+ you need to install the “Classic Widgets” plugin.
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Responsive design (adapts to mobile devices)
  • Retina ready (looks beautiful on mobile devices and tablets)
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Google fonts and Standard fonts (Arial, Verdana, etc)
  • 650+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Theme options powered by WordPress Customizer
  • Show/Hide most elements
  • Two positions for menus
  • Dropdown menu support
  • Support for popup windows with images, video/audio players, and galleries
  • Related posts
  • “Back to top” button
  • “About the Author” section
  • Translation ready
  • 2 Different layouts
    • Layout with left sidebar
    • Layout with right sidebar
  • 10 Post formats
    • Standard format
    • Image format
    • Gallery format
    • Video format
    • Audio format
    • Aside format
    • Link format
    • Quote format
    • Status format
    • Chat format
  • 2 Different areas for widgets
    • Sidebar – It is located under the main navigation container in the left or right column
    • Hidden sidebar – It is located in the hidden right container
  • 5 Custom widgets
    • Ammi: List Of Posts – Displays a list of posts with a background image
    • Ammi: Random Posts – Displays a list of random posts
    • Ammi: Recent Posts – Displays a list of recent posts
    • Ammi: Slider With Posts – Displays a slider with posts
    • Ammi: Social Links – Displays links to social profiles
  • Support for all standard WordPress widgets
  • Social share buttons
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • VK
    • Reddit
  • Includes XML file with demo data
  • Step-by-step documentation

Please Note

Ammi will only work with WordPress.ORG software.


Version 2.1.3 – 29 January 2022

This is a minor update that fixes some issues with the theme after updating to WordPress 5.9.

- Minor issues with CSS styles (comment form styles and quote styles)

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 2.1.2 – 13 December 2021

- POT translation file (/ammi/languages/ammi.pot)
- Documentation

- Some minor CSS issues

- Added improvements for the mobile version of the theme
- Added new words for translation: "Author:", "Category:", and "Tag:" 
- Removed unnecessary files from the theme
- Added pre-connection for Google fonts
- Other minor improvements and fixes

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 2.1.1 – 30 September 2020

- Translation file;
- Documentation.

- Few minor CSS issues;
- Now the footer menu is not hidden on mobile devices.

All other changes:
- Added the wp_body_open function to the theme header file (new requirement for all themes).

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 2.1 – 3 June 2019

- Removed all Google+ buttons (Due to Google+ closing down).

- Documentation;
- Ammi Widgets (v1.0.1):
  - Removed: Google+ icon from Social Links widget;
  - Updated: Translation file (ammi-widgets.pot).
- Ammi Social Media (v1.1):
  - Removed Google+ share button;
  - Added VK share button;
  - Added Reddit share button.

- Few minor CSS issues.

- New setting: Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Blog > Featured Image: Link Type ("Link to post" or "Link to image").

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 2.0 – 5 April 2019

Ammi 2.0 is now available! This is a big theme update that primarily relates to the new requirements for all WordPress themes on the market. Link:

Please read the changes before updating the theme.

1. Changes related to new requirements:

- All theme code has been edited to meet WordPress code standards. Links:
  - PHP Coding Standards:
  - HTML Coding Standards:
  - CSS Coding Standards:
  - JavaScript Coding Standards:
- Now the theme uses the get_theme_file_path() function to include files. Example: require_once get_theme_file_path( '/assets/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php' ).
- Some sanitization functions in the customizer have been changed.
- Some theme functions are now not allowed in the theme, and they have been moved to plugins ( link: ). These are all widgets and social share buttons. Now, when updating (or installing) the theme, you will need to install 2 additional plugins (if you need these functions): Ammi Social Media and Ammi Widgets. This also means that if you use additional widgets that were included in later versions of the theme, then after updating the theme you must re-activate them (Appearance > Widgets), because old widgets will not work, since they have been removed from the theme. New widgets will be available only after installing and activating the "Ammi Widgets" plugin.

2. All other changes:

- Updated: Documentation.
- Updated: Bootstrap v3.4.1.
- Updated: Superfish v1.7.10.
- The rel="noopener" attribute has been added to all links that have the target="_blank" attribute.
- The show-hide-meta-boxes.js file has been moved from the "assets" folder to the "js" folder.
- Added permission to use the "rel" attribute in links.
- Changed some phrases (or option names) to better understand the purpose of some options. Examples:
  - Thumbnail type -> Media type;
  - Featured Image -> Featured image and popup window with video player;
  - etc...
- Additional classes for posts are added through the "post_class" filter: add_filter( 'post_class', 'ammi_custom_post_classes', 10, 3 ).
- Styles for the classic editor have been rewritten.
- Added new option: Appearance > Customize > General Settings > "Follow us" Text.
- Added new option: Appearance > Customize > Footer > "Follow us" Text.
- Added new option: Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Show header image and header text only on the first page.
- Some theme styles have been changed.
- Some responsive styles have been changed.
- Fixed several minor issues.

Changed files:
- All theme files have been changed.

*P.S. Thanks to everyone who advised good ideas for this update!

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 1.0.2 – 4 June 2018

- Few minor CSS issues:
  - Comments Form: Cookies acceptance checkbox – Added new styles
  - Fixed styles for the “Back to top” button
  - Changed styles for the video, embed, iframe, and object tags

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 1.0.1 – 23 November 2017

- Fixed an issue with the author biographical info in the "About the author" section and on the archive page with posts by one author
- Few minor CSS issues

Full changelog.txt:
How to update Ammi:

Version 1.0 – 21 July 2017

- Release

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All demo images are from Picjumbo, Pexels, Unsplash and SplitShire. Video: Dartmoor Timelapse (Vimeo). Audio: lilypichu (SoundCloud).

Tags: Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Clean, Elegant, Minimal, Modern, Personal, Responsive, Simple, WordPress, WordPress Blog Theme.

Thank you for your interest! Enjoy! ;)

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