Bring Your Videos to Life with 3D Earth Routes and Connections – Wow Your Audience!

Bring Your Videos to Life with 3D Earth Routes and Connections – Wow Your Audience!

The Earth Map Connections for Premiere Pro is a motion graphics template that allows you to create a “travel transition” by showing different places in the world that are related to each other. For example, you could show the various branches of a company, show the route of your latest voyage or if you have a travel agency, show the itinerary of the cruise to your customers. The template features a stylish map animation that connects two locations.

3D Earth Route

3D Earth Connections V2

Earth Map Connections for Premiere Pro

All moving elements of the animation including the camera are automated and controlled by expressions, so you can easily finalize your animations in a couple of minutes. You can personalize the callouts according to your own taste by changing the title and subtitle position, adjusting their scale, including them into a sharp or rounded box, setting the box size and distance from the map. You can also change the appearance of the connection line by changing its thickness and height and converting it from solid to dash. The duration of each camera movement can be decided by setting the time on corresponding sliders and expressions will do the rest. The template includes many customization options such as deciding whether to use a satellite or vector map with or without border lines.

This is a video template that features a 3D Earth with connections between cities. It is suitable for creating presentations, promos, and intros for your business or personal projects. The template is available in 4K resolution and requires Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or later to use.

3D Earth Route is an After Effects cc2018 template that includes a project and a script to create your custom route on a 3D Earth. You can create as many stop points as you want and choose the stop duration for each one. The workflow is very easy and you can create your own animation in a very short time. To create your path, adjust the position of your path points with the geocode feature by typing the name of the cities on which the points must be placed. The script will provide to move them in the exact position.

The template includes up to 90 elements! You can add a tracker to trace your path by using one of the available 2d trackers or use your own design. You also have the possibility to choose one of the three available 3D low poly trackers.

3D Earth Route is compatible with “Element3D” plugin. If you have it installed, you can use a real 3D object as tracker! Once all elements have been placed, the camera movement is managed by the template automatically following the tracker. You can set the angle of view of the camera or enrich your camera animation by adding new keyframes on the camera position if you have basic animation skills.

With 3D Earth Route, you have a wide variety of controls to change the appearance of the Earth. For example, you can change the style of the Earth from satellite to vector, decrease the clouds amount, turn off city lights and many more.


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